2022 DANGER SIGNS AFTER DELIVERY(for mother and baby)

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Danger signs after Pregnancy
Danger signs after Pregnancy

2022 Danger Sign after delivery for mother and baby: Labour and child-birth are very demanding and exhausting for a woman. After that breast feeding and taking care of newborn takes away the time and you may not be able to take care of yourself.

In this article we are going to discuss about What is the most common complication after delivery? and What are the danger signs in newborn?

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In the postnatal period (period after delivery of the baby) you should also take care of yourself. Taking proper balanced diet, adequate intake of water and Iron – Calcium supplementation should be continued.

You should take care of yourself and if you experience an unusual symptom, You should immediately contact your doctor. These signs called the danger signs have been discussed below.

Danger signs for women

There are many danger signs in the postnatal period and all the new moms and their caretaker should be aware of these danger signs. If any of the sign is observed, then immediately they should go to their hospital for check up.


1. Increased vaginal bleeding especially with clots.

2. Breathing becomes difficult or fast.

3. Fever, weakness, body ache

4. If the women throws seizures or fits.

5 If experience severe headache with or without blurred vision.

6. Calf pain , redness or swelling of lower leg calf muscles, breathlessness

The above mentioned signs depict life threatening complication like thrombo embolism, post partum hemorrhage, eclampsia, pulmonary embolism, septicemia. So when these symptoms occur, the patient should be rushed to hospital whether its day or night.

Some other signs are also there following which a women should consult her doctor. These are:-

1. Problem in passing urine or leaking of urine.

2. Increased pain in perineum especially at the episiotomy site.

3. Foul smelling lochia or vaginal discharge.

4. Swollen, tender breasts or nipples.

5. Depression in post partum period.


Danger signs for the newborn

After delivery, parents are advised about the general care of the newborn by the pediatrician. Parents should also know the danger signs in the baby so that they can be alert and timely contact their pediatrician. The parents should not wait any further whether day or night if their baby has following signs:-

1. Baby not feeding

2. Difficulty in breathing or chest indrawing

3. Fits in baby

4. Fever

5. Yellow palms and feet

6. Loose motions

The mother and the family should visit their pediatrician as soon as possible if the baby shows the following signs:-

1. Poor attachment to mother, not suckling well, difficulty in feeding.

2. Pus coming from eye or umblical cord.

3.Yellow eyes or skin.

4.Not passing enough urine.

5.Thrush in the mouth.


Every parent should be aware of these danger signs in mother and newborn. After a normal delivery the mother and baby are discharged after 24 hours. So its very necessary to be aware of these signs so that any complication at home can be detected timely.




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