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Cervical cancer Quiz for women health

Cervical Cancer Awareness 2023: Cervical cancer is a significant public health concern among women. Cervical cancer can be preventable and treatable disease. It is important to spread the awareness about the Cervical cancer in society to promote knowledge for early detection and prevention. Following are the some of the awareness question with answer and explanation related with the Cervical cancer. Hope you will like it.

1. Any women can develop a gynaecological cancer. All women are at risk.

a. True

b. False

Correct answer (a) true

All women are at risk. There is no way to predict whether they will develop a cancer later in their life. Each type of cancer has different risk factors and the risk increases with advancement of age.

2. If you are at high risk for ovarian cancer, there are certain genetic tests to predict your chances of having that cancer.

a. True

b. False

Feedback for correct answers

Answer (a) True

Your doctor might recommend genetic counselling and testing if you have a family history of ovarian or breast cancer. So its important to know your family history and tell to your doctor

3. All gynaecological cancers have same symptoms.

a. True

b. False

Answer (a) True

Symptoms will depend on the type of gynaecological cancer. These may be abnormal vaginal discharge or abnormal vaginal bleeding, heavy menstural bleeding, bloating, abdominal fullness, pelvic pain or pressure, urinary retention, chronic back pain, itching and burning of vulva, etc. If you have any unexplained symptom,visit your doctor and discuss.

4. After menopause it is normal to have slight spotting occasionally.

a. True

b. False

Answer (b) False

After menopause if you have slightest of bleeding even once a year or after many years of menopause , consult your doctor immediately.

5. There are things which a women can do to diagnose these cancers early.

a. True

b. False

Answer (a) true

There are warning signs for most of the gynecological cancers. You can educate yourself about these warning signs and consult your doctor if you experience anything unusual. Paps smear test is a screening test for cervical cancer which all sexually active females should take every 3 years. See the post https://gynaetalks.com/know-about-paps-smear-test/

6. Cervical cancer vaccine or HPV vaccine is against which type of cancer? https://gynaetalks.com/hpv-vaccines/

a. Cancer cervix

b. Head and neck cancer

c. Anal cancer

d. All of the above

Answer (d)

HPV vaccine prevents most cases of cervical cancer. This vaccine can also prevent vaginal and vulvar cancers, genital warts, anal cancers, mouth, throat, head and neck cancers.

Key points to consider for cervical cancer awareness in women.

  1. Understand Cervical cancer
  2. Early Detection Saves Lives
  3. HPV Vaccination
  4. Raising Awarness
  5. Access to Healthcare
  6. Emotional Support
  7. Global impact
  8. Personal Responsibility





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