• Top reasons for the delayed period are stress, hormonal disturbance, PCOD, and excessive alcohol intake.
  • General advise to regulate your menstural cycle
Reason for delayed period
Top 10 reasons for delayed period

Top 10 Causes of delayed period: Do you have concern about late period ?. Today We will discuss about top 10 causes that are responsible for the delayed period. Length of mensural cycle may vary from 26 to 32 days from person to person. Period may be called delayed if it does not occur even after 5-6 days of expected date.

The delay can be from few days to 1 -2 months. Pregnancy may be one of the cause of missed period but there are other causes too. Some of the reasons which can affect your period cycle are stress, hormonal disturbance, PCOD , excessive alcohol intake .

Always do a pregnancy test if periods are delayed, especially after unprotected sex.

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Reasons of delayed periods

If your period is missed then first thing is to rule out pregnancy by doing a pregnancy test twice, at least one week apart. If both the pregnancy tests are negative then the delay in period may be due to some other cause. The probable cause may be due to following reasons.

1. PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease)

Nowadays PCOD has been the major cause of hormonal disturbance as a result it is causing delayed periods. Periods may be delayed up to 5-6 months in PCOD.

2. Stress

Stress can cause hormonal imbalance in your body. Reasons for this may be due to anxiety, work related stress or exam stress. Work life imbalance may also be the cause of mental illness that can affect your period cycle. Sudden body weight gain and loss may also be a reason that can impact the period cycle.

3. Excessive physical activity

Excessive physical activity may lead to fatigue in the body. This may also cause delayed periods.

4. Eating disorder

Anorexia nervosa or bulimia both are eating disorder which may cause delay in periods. This may lead to deficiency of enough fat in the body which can affect the ovulation.

5. Ovarian changes

In the perimenopausal phase also there may be an increased length of the menstrual cycle and periods may be delayed.

6.Dilation and Curettage(D&C)

Dilation and Curettage is the minor procedure of removing tissues from the women’s uterus(womb). Sometimes periods may be delayed due to recent D&C (curettage).

7. After delivery

After baby delivery, periods may come after 3-4 months or may be delayed more especially if you are breast feeding. But you can conceive in this period also so you should be careful. Talk to your doctor about method of contraception you can use.

8. Diseases of pitutary and hypothalamus

9. Birth control pills

If you are using the birth control pills continuously without the 7 days break then your periods will not come.

10. Contraceptive injections

DMPA injections that are used as contraception also causes delayed periods. Periods may be missed or sometimes there may be spotting.

What to do if periods are delayed ?

The first thing to do in case your periods are delayed is to rule out pregnancy. A pregnancy test may be done by the UPT kits that are available in the pharmacy shop. Blood tests can also be done to confirm pregnancy.

If the pregnancy test is negative and you have not had your periods then consult a doctor. It is very important to identify the cause of delayed periods. So your doctor will advise some blood tests and ultrasonography which will help to find the cause.

Your doctor may prescribe some medicines so that your period comes, this is called withdrawal bleeding. Sometimes cyclical hormonal therapy is prescribed by the doctor to regulate the cycle.

Reason for delayed period
Reason for delayed period

General advise to regulate your menstural cycle

The cause of delayed periods should be investigated first before doing anything. So do visit your Gynaecologist.

There are certain things which can be done to regulate your cycle.

Dos for timely menstural cycle.

  • A healthy and balanced diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables should be taken.
  • Your daily routine should include some time for exercise or yoga.
  • Maintain your weight as obesity is known to alter the menstural cycle and cause delayed periods.
  • You should avoid stress at your workplace. You can opt for some meditation classes also.

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