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In this article we will discuss what is Stem cell and what is stem cell banking. Stem cell banking can save life of your family from many disease.

What is Stem Cell banking
What is Stem Cell banking How it can save life ?

If you are pregnant and whether you are having any medical conditions or not it is advisable to have the information about Stem cell banking.

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1. What is a Stem cell and why it is needed to store?

Stem cells are the unspecialized cells having the capacity to develop into any type of cells like blood cells, bones cells, muscle cells,tissue cells.These stem cells if preserved can be used to treat various type of disorders.

Stem Cell Banking can save life
Stem Cell Banking can save life

2. What are the 3 major characteristics of Stem cells.

It repairs
It rejuvinates
It regenerates

3. Is stem cell banking necessary for me?

One question arises in mind is stem cell storage beneficial for me . As we all know that we can not predict what will happen in future. No one expects that he/she may get some disease which might require any type of Stem cell treatment. What is in our hand is to do the planning for any kind of medical conditions also one should be prepared for the future.

What are the potential uses of Stem cell
What are the potential uses of Stem cell

What we can do is to Store the Stem cell whenever you are going for the Delivery of baby. Stem cells from umblical cord can be collected at the time of delivery and then can be preserved and stored .

The preservation is life long (depending upon the company offering this facility). These stem cells can be utilized for the child itself, or the sibling and child parents. It is a once a time investment for the whole family and you should think about it.

4. What is Cell Match ?

If you require stem cells for some treatment then there should be matching of the stem cell donor to the recepient . And this is determined by comparing the tissue type, known as HLA typing . A perfect match is difficult to find.

HLA typing degree will influence the outcome of transplant. More compatible the donor – recepient match, less likely the rejection.


  • Matching of stem cell donor to recipient is determined by comparing their tissue types, also known as their Human Leucocyte Antigen (HLA) types.
  • HLA typing is important since the degree of HLA compatibilty between donor and recepient will influence the outcome of the transplant.
  • A stem cell transplant from an HLA mismatched donor can result in rejection of the transplant because the recepient body will recognize the transplant as ”foreign” or ”non self” and the body will attack the cells of donor like it attacks any bacteria or virus. So the graft will be rejected.

5. What are the sources of stem cells ?

Stem Cell Banking can save life
Stem Cell Banking can save life

Stem cells can be collected from different sources like :-

  • Umblical cord
  • Bone marrow
  • Adipose tissue
  • Peripheral blood
  • Dental pulp

6. Why is stem cell collection from umblical cord better than collection from bone marrow?

Easy to collect (collected at the time of birth)Invasive process
No surgical intervation Surgical intervention
Painless Painfull procedure
HLA – more acceptableHLA – difficult to match
Rich source , contains 10 times morelesser quantity of stem cells derived
Stem cells derived from biological waste part (umblical cord)stem cells derived from human pelvic bone or sternum through injections
No riskchances of side effects
Potentiality of stem cell is highStem cells with more maturity
Less chances of GVHD( graft rejection)More chnaces of GVHD
Stem Cell collection from Umblical Cord or Bone Marrow
Stem Cell is available in unborn baby cord
Stem Cell is available in your unborn baby cord

7. What are the uses of Stem cells?

The potential uses of stem cells for treatment of disease are given below. Some are still in trial phase, but in future the scope of stem cell transplantation is vast.

  1. Stroke
  2. Traumatic brain injury
  3. Alzheimers disease
  4. Parkinsons disease
  5. Wound healing
  6. Skin grafting
  7. Spinal cord injury
  8. Osteoarthritis
  9. Rheumatoid arthritis
  10. Hair transplant
  11. Blindness
  12. Hearing loss
  13. Myocardial infarction
  14. Diabetes
  15. Crohns disease
  16. Cancers
  17. cerebral palsy
  18. blood cancers
  19. many more to come

8. What is the cost of stem cell banking in India ?

In India many companies are offering this facility some of the companies name are given below.

9. What are the Stem cell banking Disadvantages

To full fill the requirement of any adult it may required to search for some other donor also.

10. What are the Stem Cell Banking Pros and Cons


  • Stem cell banking can secure your future for any kind of disease explained above.
  • Stem cell can save the life of your family


  • Some genetic disorder can be transmitted to the patient during the Stem cell treatment.
  • Storing of Stem cell may be costly.


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