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Leg cramp during pregnancy is painful. Pregnancy is a beautiful feeling for women. But certain problems may be associated with pregnancy. Leg cramps are one of them. Leg cramps are very common in pregnancy. Are leg cramps normal during pregnancy?

Cramps are involuntary muscle spasms of the calf or foot. They usually occur after 4 months of pregnancy, in the second and third trimesters. The muscle cramps occur suddenly and are accompanied by severe pain.

1. How to prevent Leg cramps in pregnancy?

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First, you should take measures that this type of leg cramps during pregnancy should never happen. Few tips should be remembered to avoid leg cramps:

  1. STAY HYDRATED You should drink at least 14-15 glasses of water daily to keep yourself hydrated. In summers and humid climates, you should take even more water than this.
  2. ELECTROLYTE BALANCE If you are sweating a lot maintain your body balance of sodium, potassium, and magnesium. This can be achieved by taking ORS ( oral rehydration solution) or lemonade or buttermilk.
  3. STRETCHING During pregnancy mild amount of exercise and stretching is essential.
  4. DIET increasing calcium and magnesium in the diet may help.

2. Treating muscle cramps naturally | Tips to avoid leg cramps during pregnancy.

If the leg cramps do occurs even after these precautions then there are some ways to treat them naturally.


You should always start your exercise routine with stretching. If cramps occurs in calf or foot try to stretch that part of muscles. An exercise routine should be included in your daily routine to avoid leg cramp during pregnancy.

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When the cramps occur you may try to massage the affected muscle. Massaging the affected muscles and the neighboring muscles helps to relieve pain. Massage can be done without oil or you can use any type of oil like coconut oil or olive oil.

Epsom salt

A warm bath to the affected muscle can relieve the spasm.You can add epsom salt too for better result.

Ice pack

Applying ice packs to the affected muscle can relieve the tension in the muscle and help relieve pain.

These are all the home remedies when muscle cramps occur. But if the cramps occur very frequently and are not relieved that means you should visit your doctor.

3. Causes of Leg Cramps During Pregnancy ?

The exact cause of leg cramps in pregnancy is not clear but dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, pregnancy weight gain, pressure from a growing baby may be the cause.

Following are the causes for leg cramps:

  • Increasing weight of the pregnant women can cause an increase load on both the legs causing cramps.
  • Cramps can be caused by overall fatigue of the muscles.
  • The growing uterus in pregnancy can press the nerves supplying the legs. There may be a decrease in the blood circulation in the legs due to the uterus compressing the major vessels.
  • Dehydration ,loss of electrolytes, deficiency of calcium may be the factor causing leg cramps.

If the leg cramps are frequent and persistent, contact your doctor. Some additional supplements may be given which help to relieve leg cramps.

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4. How to Treat Muscle Cramps During Pregnancy When Naturally Doesn’t Work ?

Leg cramp during Pregnancy
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More than likely, the natural remedies noted above will take care of your muscle cramps while you are expecting.
It is nice to know that this common discomfort has some natural remedies. However, for the unfortunate few who continue to experience frequent muscle cramps or severe pain associated with their muscle spasms, you may need additional medical attention.

Your healthcare provider may prescribe a comprehensive prenatal vitamin to help ensure you are getting the minerals and nutrients necessary.

5. Treating Muscle Cramps During Pregnancy ?

Nearly fifty percent of all pregnant women experience muscle cramps during pregnancy. The majority of muscle cramps during pregnancy occur in the legs, but don’t be surprised if you find muscle spasms in your back, abdomen, feet or hands.

As an involuntary contraction, your muscle spasm or cramp occurs suddenly and is often accompanied by severe pain. The majority of expecting mothers report that their muscle cramps are experienced during the evening.

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