What is Diabetes : Type, Symptom and Management

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Do you think Diabetes is a disease?..NO!

What is Diabetes 2022: Diabetes is a common now a day. In this article we will be discussing about what is the diabetes, what are the symptoms of diabetes and how to manage the diabetes. Diabetes is a lifestyle metabolic disorder. This disorder is due to living an unhealthy lifestyle, That affects insulin hormone present in our pancreas.

What is Diabetes
What is Diabetes

What are the main types of Diabetes?

Diabetes can be generally classified into two types.

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Type1 – insulin dependant diabetes mellitus:

This type of diabetes affects children and adolescent. There is little or no production of insulin as a result, such individual require daily insulin shot. It is rapid in onset.The symptoms get severe when insulin injections are discontinued.

Type2 – Non insulin dependant diabetes mellitus:

This usually affects overweight or obese adults. The insulin production may vary from low to high, However produced is not as affective as normal insulin. The symptom of disease are gradual in onset. In this type, diet, exercise, or oral anti-diabetic drugs may be enough to control the raised blood sugar.

Usually above two type are commonly observed, but there is a third type which is worryingly budding.

Type3 – Malnutrition-related diabetes mellitus(MRDM):

This type is mainly observed in India and it occurs in young people between 15-30 years of age. People with MRDM are lean and undernourished. Pancreas fails to produce adequate insulin in this type of diabetes.

What are the symptoms of identification of Diabetes ?

Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes

There is diabetic keto acidosis (DKA), an extreme state characterised by smell of acetone on patients breath, a rapid, deep breathing, polyuria, nausea, abdominal pain

Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes

  • Weight loss , poor appetite.
  • Prolonged high blood sugar cause changes in the shape of lens of eyes, resulting in vision change.

Other symptoms

• Nephropathy – If diabetes is uncontrolled, then changes in some part of kidney leads to proteinuria with increased renal failure
• Retinopathy – In uncontrolled diabetes, retinal veins dilated, haemorrhages and fibrous proliferation occurs. This changes vision and leads to blindness.
• Neuropathy – High blood sugar interferes with nervous system. It diminishes the transmission of nerve impulse. This cause pain in muscle or muscle tenderness.

What are the treatment of Diabetes ?

Dietary Management

A therapeutic diet plays an important role in treatment of diabetes. Patient should take an appropriate diet plan based on height, age, weight, sex and physical activities and type of diabetes. The distribution of carbohydrates, fat and proteins in the diet should be such that it maintains the blood glucose and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Complex carbohydrates must be given instead of simple ones.
Low glycemic index food must be given. Oral hypoglycaemic drug helps in lowering the elevated blood sugar and used in treatment of hypoglycaemia.

What are the thins to Avoid

  • • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • • Fast eating
  • • Sedentary
  • • consuming sugar
  • • consuming processed food
  • • packed food
  • • canned veggies
  • • corn syrup
  • • fruit juices

What are the Must do things to avoid or control Diabetes ?

• Have food like leafy vegetables, cucumber, Radish, lemon, Clear soup, chutney, pickle without oil, etc



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