Cesarean delivery – When to have sex?

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  • Cesarean delivery(C-section) is a common procedure of delivering a baby.
  • It takes 6-8 weeks to heal the incision and recover from the child birth.
  • Sexual activity is recommended after 6 weeks of Cesarean delivery(C-section).

2023 When to have sex after Cesarean delivery(C-section): One thing comes in your mind when to have sex after C section delivery. After few days of a C-section, a question arises in the mind of the couple “when can we resume our sex life?”. Answers of all the these questions will be discussed in this article today.

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Do you know that what is most important things for us before sex?. Yes you have rightly understood it is the combination of our mind and body. Both should be in the healthy position before doing sex. The body and mind should be ready for both the partners.

Cesarean delivery – When to have sex?
Cesarean delivery – When to have sex? photo: https://www.pexels.com/

As we know that after delivery, the woman is usually pre-occupied with the routine work of newborn like, doing nappy change, breast feeding, bathing, massage and the odd sleeping schedule, so the male partner should be aware of her feelings and try to support her both mentally and physically.

What is the recovery time after C- section?

Usually after a c-section, woman is able to walk on her own after 24 hours of the surgery. After few days, when the bandage is removed she may feel some numbness and tingling around the cut.

This is due to the fact that the subcutaneous nerves are cut when an incision is given in the skin. This disappears when the nerves regenerate which may take about 3-6 months.

What physical precautions are required after Cesarean delivery(C-section)

After a C-section, women need to take certain precautions to prevent infection and other complications. During the healing process, it’s crucial to avoid placing any pressure on the incision site, so positions that put pressure on the belly should be avoided. Women should also avoid positions that put strain on the abdominal muscles

When can you have sex after C-section?

Whether it is a normal vaginal delivery or a cesarean delivery uterus needs at least 6 weeks to return to the normal size. If the cervix is open which is in the case of vaginal delivery as well as in many cases of cesarean delivery, there are chances of infection ascending onto the uterus after a sexual activity. So the uterus and cervix should come to normal size before resuming your sexual activity.

C-section is a major surgery and the healing process takes a little more time than a vaginal delivery and the healing process depends on person to person. It depends according to BMI, dietary habits, any post op complications. So it’s best to give your body the necessary time to rest and heal.

After about 6 weeks of C-section you can resume your sexual life, but that depends there are no post operative complications.

Which sex positions should be avoided?

Now we should know what are the sex positions after C-section delivery.You should resume your sexual activity only after visiting your doctor. If you get a go-ahead sign by your doctor there are few things which has to be kept in mind:-

  • Avoid direct contact with the incision on your tummy during the act.
  • Avoid missionary position as it puts a lot of pressure on your abdomen.
  • You should try side entry position.
  • Woman on top position is also safe as there is no pressure on abdomen.
  • If you have any pain or discomfort while having sex, let your partner know.

Useful tips for sex after C-section delivery

You may be little worried about having sex after a major surgery. Disturbed sleep cycle and odd time awakenings at night to nurse your baby will be tiring for you. So keep these things in mind while trying for sex.

  • Don’t hurry to resume your sexual activity. Spend some quality time with your partner.
  • Choose comfortable positions as discussed above.
  • Don’t feel ashamed of your curved body, the stretch marks and how you look after delivery.

Birth control after C-section

Even if your menses do not start after delivery , you may still be ovulating. So there are chances to get pregnant even in the period of lactational amenorrhea.Pregnancy can occur even if periods do not start.

Many woman choose to prefer the contraceptive method which they were using before planning for pregnancy.

During your post operative visit, talk to your doctor about the best method of contraception for you at this stage.


Remember to take your own time to resume sexual activity and always pay attention what your body speaks. Take time to adjust to the new environment.

Communicate with your partner frankly. If there is any abnormal pain or bleeding after resuming sex after C-section, you should always visit your doctor.




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