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2022 New Parents what to expect: Before the delivery of the baby, you must be thinking that all the newborn baby how does is eat, poop, cry and sleep. But this is not as easy as you think. You may not understand why the baby is crying or when he is hungry, etc.

New Born baby care
New Born baby care

Knowing what to expect from your newborn in the early weeks will make your life little easier.

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What to expect: Why Newborn is crying ?

For the first few days or we can say for a week, most of the newborns are quiet and spend most of their time in sleeping. But as they enter their second week, they typically will start crying.The reason for crying can be anything like soiled diaper, hunger, tiredness, gas, etc and it is you to find the cause.

There will be times when the baby will cry without any apparent reason, so you should figure out what soothes your baby. It may be a soft lullaby or a body massage or just a walk outside your house.

What to expect: Newborn sleep

A newborn baby will sleep about 16-18 hours out of 24 hours. But this sleep will be divided into short naps of 2-3 hours as the baby will wake up due to hunger or soiled bedsheet or diaper.


What to expect: Newborn feeding

You may be little nervous and apprehensive that whether you will be able to feed the newborn baby. But relax, because psychological factor also plays an important role in production of breast milk.

Every mother learns by herself how to feed her baby and how to take care.

Frequency of feeding

  1. The frequency of feeding may be according to the time or according to the demand.
  2. Time schedule feeding
  3. During the first 24 hours , the mother should feed the baby at an interval of 2-3 hours. Gradually the feeding becomes established at 3-4 hour pattern by the end of first week.
  4. Demand feeding
  5. The baby is put to breast as soon as baby becomes hungry. There is no restriction to the number of feeds and duration of suckling time.

Duration of feed

The initial feed should last for 5-10 minutes at each breast. This prepares the breasts for the fees by milk let-down reflex. Thereafter the time spent on each breast during the feeding should be increased. Baby is fed from one breast completely so that baby gets both the foremilk and the hindmilk. Then the baby is put on another breast for 5 minutes to prepare this breast for the next feeding.

Night feed

It not only eliminates excessive filling and hardening of breasts but also quietens and ensures sound sleep for baby. As the days progress, the baby becomes satisfied with the rhythmic 3-4 hourly feeding.

Nipple confusion

If the baby is fed with an artificial nipple of a bottle, he can not suck the mother’s nipple effectively due to nipple confusion. In the case of an artificial nipple, the baby has to press the nipple only. But in the case of the mother’s nipple, he has to press the areola and suck the nipple. The baby is confused between these two procedures and lactational failure develops.

Burping : Why baby burps

All babies swallow some air during sucking. To break up the wind, the baby should be held upright against the chest and the back is gently patted till the baby belches out the air. It is better to break up the wind in the middle of feeding to make the stomach empty, enabling the baby to take more feed, and at the end of feeding to prevent hiccoughs and abdominal colic.

What to expect: Newborn poop

There is a large range for the number of times a baby poop that can be considered normal. Breastfed baby may pass stool upto ten times a day or only once in 3-4 days. All variations between these two extremes is considered normal if the stools are soft and the bay is gaining weight.

Exclusively breastfed baby stool is golden yellow with bits of what looks like curdled milk.

Constipation is commom in formula fed babies so they need to poop at least once a day to feel comfortable.

Motherhood is like a great big adventure.Only you can find the right path for your child. Nature will automatically teach you how to take care of your baby and understand his needs.

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