Is It Labour pains ? Stage, Symptoms, How to identify labour pain during pregnancy

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  • Labor pain: How to know it is real labor pain or false labor pain.
  • What are the symptoms of labor pain.
  • Normal delivery labor pain.
  • Labor pains symptoms when to go to hospital.
  • What are the stages of labor.

Labour pain during pregnancy how to identify: If you are pregnant and the delivery date is near then you should know about the labor pain. This will not only keep your mind relaxed but also help you prepare for the baby’s delivery.

In the third trimester of pregnancy, you start to wonder if you will be able to recognize that labour pains have begun. When is it said that true labor pains have started? How to distinguish them from false labour pains. All these answers will be dealt with in this post.

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Braxton Hicks Contractions can happen in late pregnancy and they may be confused with true labour pains.

In this article we are also going to discuss about what is labor in pregnancy, What are the symptoms of labor pain during pregnancy and how to differentiate between the true labor pain and false labor pain. But before starting lets understand the stages of labor pain.

What are the stages of Labor:

Labour pain during delivery. If you are pregnant then must be aware of the stages of labor from contraction to delivery of the placenta. The stages of delivery are as follows.

Stage 1: Stage 1 is when you feel the first contraction / labor pain.

Stage 2: Stage 2 is when your baby pushed below for delivery.

Stage 3: Stage 3 is when you deliver the placenta, after baby delivery.


True labour pain signs:

There are certain symptoms that occur in true labour pains. The intensity of contractions, associated symptoms can help you to distinguish these pains.

Contractions If labour pains have started, the contractions have specific features. The contractions come every 30 minutes and then the frequency of contractions increases and so comes every 15 minutes , then 10 minutes or 5 minutes etc

The duration of contraction also increases from 15 seconds to 30-45 minutes as the time passes by. With time the contractions get stronger and more painful and make you feel uneasy.

When the contractions occurs you feel the tightening of your belly for few seconds, which then relaxes.

Backache The contractions when comes tightens your belly and the pain will be radiating to your back and your thighs. This pain will increase in intensity as the labour progresses.

Presssure in the pelvis With contractions, you may feel pressure in your pelvis. The frequency of urine may also increase as the baby is putting pressure on the urinary bladder.

Water break You may feel leaking of thin watery urine like liquid from your vagine. Or there may be sudden gush of thin fluid wetting all your clothes. If the membranes have ruptured, immediately rush to your booked hospital for delivery.

What is False labour pains:

Contractions of false labour pains show the following characterstics.

  1. They come at very long intervals and the frequency does not increase with time.
  2. They are not regular and are not that painful.
  3. Sometimes these contractions are positional, so get relieved if you lie down in certain position.
  4. They are often relieved by taking enema.
  5. These are not associated with any symptoms like backache , leaking , etc.

When to go to hospital for delivery:

  1. You are having contractions of true labour pains as described above.
  2. Leaking of fluid from vagina.
  3. Bleeding or spotting from vagina.
  4. Decrease in baby movements.
  5. You have blurred vision, epigastric pain, especially if you have been having increase blood pressure readings in your previous routine antenatal check up visits.


The ultimate goal of the pregnant women is stress free delivery. Identification of the true labour pain is important. This article will definitely help you identify between the true and false labour pain.

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