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Right timing of sex for getting pregnant is the most important thing you should understand. If you are trying for pregnancy you should know your fertile window or the fertile period .The timing when you and your partner should have sex is very crucial.You should know the best time of sex to give you the highest chance of conception.

After reading this article you will be able to know all the queries that might be coming in your mind, like:-

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  • How many days after periods you are most fertile?
  • When are your most fertile days?
  • What are the days when you are least fertile?
  • How to calculate your ovulation day and your fertile period?
  • What are the signs of ovulation?
  • What is the right time of sex?
  • Is it best to conceive in the morning or at night?

What are your fertile days?

The most fertile days in your cycle are when the egg is about to release from the ovary. The chances of pregnancy are most if you know the days when you are most fertile that is your fertile window. The egg released from ovary survives for 24 hours and the sperm survives for 72 hours in the female genital tract. So if you know the day of your ovulation then your fertile window is 4-5 days before the day of ovulation till 1 day after the ovulation

What if your periods are irregular? | Ovulation calculater

The menstural cycle is 28-30 days long normally ,but different females have different cycle length and so different fertile period.

To know the day of ovulation we count back 14 days from the start of next expected period. So if the cycles are regular then you can predict your next cycle date and thus calculate your ovulation date by counting back 14 days.

But if cycles are irregular then there are other methods by which you can calculate your ovulation day.

  • Various app are available which analyse the previous 3-4 cycles and tell you the ovulation day in this cycle.
  • Ovulation predictor urine kits are available in the market which can be used after discussion with your gynaecologist.
  • Ovulation can be predicted and timed also by follicular monitoring studies .These are done after consulting your gynaecologist.

So you can pedict your ovulation day.

What is the right time of sex.

As discussed above we know that after ovulation the egg survives for 24 hours and after that it dies. So the timing of sex should be such that the sperms should be waiting in the fallopian tubes to fertilize the eggs.

A sperm survives for 72 hours in the female genital tract.So if you know your ovulation day then 4-5 days before that day till 1 day after ovulation is the right time of sex if you want to conceive.So in a 28 days cycle your fertile window will bw from day 10 to day 15 of cycle.

When to avoid sex ? How many days after the periods are you least fertile?

Reading from the above you will be able to calculate your most fertile days.When you have sex during the non ovulating days, the chances of pregnancy are low. But it should be kept in mind that this method is not 100% sure. You can get pregnant on these safe days too ,so you should always use some form of contraception if havins sex on these safe days.

Ovulation calculation is important beacause:-

  • To know the fertile window if planning for pregnancy.
  • To know when to avoid intercourse if you do not want to conceive.

What are the signs of ovulation?

There are certain signs and symptoms which you may perceive when you are ovulating.These are:-

  • There is increase in basal body temperature at the time of ovulation.So by tracking your temperature and maintaining its record you can know when you have ovulated.
  • At the time of ovulation cervical mucus becomes clear ,thin and slippery just like an egg white.
  • There may be slight breast tenderness and inrease in sex drive.
  • There may be slight abdominal pain on one side at the time of ovulation and abdominal bloating.

Understanding your menstural cycle

Days of cyclePhase of cycleFertility
1-7MensturalLeast fertile
8-9Post mensturalPossible to conceive
10-14OvulatoryMost fertile
15-16post ovulatoryPossible to conceive
17-28Thickening of endometriumLeast fertile
If you have a cycle of 28 days

Tips for getting pregnant

  • You can use a ovulation calculater or ovulation predicter urine kits to know your ovulation day and thus plan the timimg of sex.
  • You should have atleast alternate day sex during your fertile window.How to calculate this window has been discussed above.
  • Have sex often outside your fertile window too.
  • Maintain healthy weight.
  • Start folic acid tablets , eat balanced diet.
  • Quit alcohol or smoking as these decrease the quality of eggs and sperms.
  • Sex positions usually dont affect your chances of getting pregnant. Position should be such that you are comfortable and the penetration is deep.Lie down for 10-15 min after the sex.
  • Dont use any vaginal douching.
  • Manage your medical condition if any like hypothyroidism, diabetes , epilepsy, etc.
  • Health of husband matters too. So visit your gynaecologist for a preconceptional check up.


The chances of getting pregnant increases when you have sex in your fertile window. How to calculate your ovulation days has been discussed whether the cycles are regular or irregular. Sex positions don’t matter much. Adopt a healthy lifestyle , do yoga and meditation. Visit your doctor for pre-conceptional check up.

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