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गर्भपात के संकेत और लक्षण

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By the term Miscarriage we mean spontaneous loss of fetus before 20 weeks of pregnancy.About 10-20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage.Most miscarriages are due to some defect in fetal development.It usually occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Miscarriages occurs due to defect in fetal development or any medical condition in mother.But by knowing the risk factors we can understand the cause. This will help in further management of future pregnancy.

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How do I know that I have miscarriage?


The most common sign of miscarriage is vaginal bleeding. But vaginal bleeding can also occurs in other conditions also in pregnancy.

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Vaginal bleeding that occurs in miscarriage is associated with following symptoms:-

  • Pain in abdomen and menstural like cramps
  • some tissue like mass is expelled from vagina
  • Leaking of fluid through vagina
  • pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness,breast tenderness disappears

What does miscarriage look like?

In a miscarriage there is spontaneous occurence of heavy vaginal bleeding with clots and/or some tisue.

What is the cause of miscarriage?

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Causes can be divided into two groups. one due to some problem in chromosomes of fetus and other due to maternal medical conditions.

Blighted ovumuncontrolled diabetes
Intrauterine fetal demise(IUD)TORCH infections
molar or partial molar pregnancythyroid disorder
incompetent os/short cervix

About 50 percent of miscarriages are associated with some chromosomal abnormality in the fetus. There may be either a deletion of any chromosome or any excess chromosome. These chromosome problems are not inherited from parents. But these chromosome defects are by chance. But chances of these defects increases with the increasing age of mother.

Which foods can cause miscarriage?

Which foods should I avoid in pregnancy ?

Certain foods when contaminated by some bacteria can cause food poisoning and loose motions in mother. This can cause general deterioration in health of mother and thus baby.

What are the foods to be avoided in Pregnancy?

  1. RAW EGGS – raw eggs may be contaminated with salmonella bacteria and cause food poisoning. Eggs should always be properly cooked before eating.
  2. HIGH MERCURY FISH – like swordfish, tuna, and marlin should be avoided as they can harm both the mother and baby.
  3. RAW MEAT – Raw meat or meat which is undercooked under may contain harmful bacteria.
  4. CAFFEINE – You should limit caffiene intake to under 200mg per day. If caffiene intake is high, it can affect baby’s growth. HOW MUCH TEA AND COFFEE IN PREGNANCY.
  5. ALCOHOL – Drinking alcohol can increase the risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, and fetal alcohol syndrome.
  6. RAW PAPAYA – It contains an enzyme which cause premature uterine contractions resulting in miscarriage.
  7. PINEAPPLE – It contains bromelain which makes the cervix soft and can start uterine contractions resulting in miscarriage.

Getting pregnant after miscarriage

Best time to get pregnant after miscarriage is after………

After a miscarriage, your body stores of iron,folic acid which were used in growth of baby are depleted.You should take multivitamins as preccribed by doctor.So before planning to conceive again you should be both mentally and physically prepared.Pregnancy can be planned after three months of a miscarriage.

If you have two or more than two consecutive miscarriges ,then this is called recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL).In this case your doctor will recommend certain tests to know the reason for these miscarriages.These may include:

  • Maternal and paternal chromosomal analysis
  • chromosomal analysis of fetal tissue
  • blood tests to detect thyroid disorder,diabetes,or any other medical conditions
  • pelvis ultrasounds to know for any uterine malformations
  • Blood test for TORCH infection

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What vitamins should I take after miscarriage?

Depending on your hemoglobin levels,your doctor may prescribe iron tablets.Since body stores are depleted after miscarriage you should take calcium and folic acid tablets for atleast one month.

You should take a proper balanced diet after a miscarriage.

What precautions can I take to prevent miscarriages?

Since most of the miscarriages in early pregnancy are due to chromosomal defects, they can not be prevented.But you can take care of yourself and follow certain things to maintain a healthy pregnancy.These are:

  1. Visit your doctor regularly for your pregnancy checkup.
  2. Get all the blood test and ultrasound as advised by your doctor.
  3. Avoid caffiene,alcohol,smoking during your pregnancy.
  4. Take all the prenatal vitamins as advised .
  5. Take a healthy and balanced diet.
  6. Avoid all the foods that are mentioned above in this article.

Most women who have miscarriages,conceive and have healthy pregnancy later if there are no high risk factor.


Most of the miscarriages in early pregnancy are due to genetic/ chromosomal defects . These type of miscarriages can not be prevented. The risk of these defects increase if the mother is above 35 years.

There are certain foods to be avoided which increase the risk of miscarriage.These foods have been discussed above in detail.

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