Omicron infection symptoms update

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Key note on Omicron virus

Third wave of COVID 19 is experienced all over the word. Cases in India started rising in last week of December 2021 and a full blown wave was seen in first- second week of January 2022.When we compare previous waves of COVID 19 with this 3rd wave which is mainly due to omicron variant ,we can see a lot of difference. Let’s highlight some important points of this omicron wave.

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1. What are the symptoms of Omicron Virus

Omicron is causing flu like symptoms like fever, cold, cough, sore throat and bodyache. Hypoxia, breathlessness, loss of taste and smell as was seen in delta wave of coronavirus is not seen with omicron wave.So people are experiencing mild symptoms of cold or cough.


2.0 What are the other symptoms of Omicron.

Some patients may have gastro intestinal symptoms like loose motion, abdominal pain, nausea with or without fever. Some are developing complications related to other organs like ear infection, tinnitus after experiencing just common cold due to omicron

3.0 What is the incubation period for Omicron ?

Incubation period (that is time period between exposure to virus and development of signs and symptoms) is less so onset of infection is very fast when exposed to a COVID 19 case .Majority of patients are recovering fast from this flu like illness.

4.0 How to contain Omicron Transmission ?

It is highly transmissible, so if one of the family member is getting infected or one person in the office is infected all the members are getting infected.So proper usage of mask,social distancing and regular sanitisation of hand is very important.

5.0 How Delta variant is different than Omicron

Delta variant causes syncytia formation in lungs causing alveolar damage, hypoxia, lung fibrosis, thus causing decrease in oxygen saturation in body and thus requiring oxygen.So in the second wave/delta wave of COVID 19 there was whole lot of load on hospitals for bed and requirement of oxygen or ventilator. But with omicron infection, there is not much lung damage as the virus is not getting down till alveoli.It’s like a upper respiratory tract infection.

6.0 What is the treatment of Omicron infection?

Treatment of omicron is usually symptomatic. For fever regular intake of paracetamol 6-8 hourly is enough. For sore throat ,gargles are found to be beneficial or a cough syrup can be taken after consulting your doctor. There is no role of antibiotics or ivermectin. 

7.0 Who should take care most with Omicron infection ?

Early diagnosis and treatment especially in high risk cases like COPD, Diabetes mellitus, renal disease, transplant patients or patients receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

8.0 Things to do when get infected by Omicron .

Whatever may be the signs and symptoms, you should consult immediately with the doctor once your Covid report comes positive. Proper sleep of 8 hours and healthy balanced diet are two components which should not be ignored in these tough times.

9.0 How to Protect Yourself from Covid infection


Everyone should wear a properly fitted mask preferably N95 or surgical mask which should cover both mouth and nose irrespective of their vaccination status.

Get Vaccinated

Covid 19 vaccines are effective at preventing you to get sick.They are highly effective at preventing severe illness,admission to hospitals and death.Everbody above 15 years should get their 2 doses of vaccines. 


AVOID poorly ventilated and crowded places. If indoors, open doors and windows to bring fresh air in.  Maintain social distancing especially in market or crowded areas.


You should wash your hands frequently with soap and water.You can alsouse hand sanitizer to disinfect your hands



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