10 Healthy Signs of Pregnancy

1. Fetal heart rate in dating ultrasound scan

If an ultrasound done at 6 -7 weeks have fetal heart rate, it is good signs of pregnancy.

The absence of heart rate after a repeat usg is missed abortion.

2.NTNB scan

Nasal bone should be visualized and

The nuchal translucency should be less than 3mm in the NTNB scan.

3. Normal Cervical length

If the cervical length is short or there is progressive shortening of cervical length.

Then there are chances of premature delivery.


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4.Controlled Pre existing medical condition

If there is any pre-existing medical condition like hypertension, diabetes, any kidney problem.

Extra care should be taken to keep the disease in control

5. Gestational hypertension / Gestational diabetes

If BP or sugar levels increase during pregnancy, then care shoukd be taken to keep their levels in normal range

Placenta should be in the upper part of uterus.

6. Normal position of placenta

If the placenta is low lying, then it is called placenta previa

7. Ultrasound in third trimester

Weight of baby, amniotic fluid index, doppler studies are the parameters which should be normal

8. Weight gain during whole pregnancy

Should be between 10 to 12 kg

Increase weight gain lead to complications on pregnancy

9. Baby bump / Fundal height

Height of baby bump should correspond to gestational age of pregnancy

10. Fetal movements

Should be more than 12 times in 24 hours

Less or no movement indicates some problem

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